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Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2020

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Recommended soundtrack for reading: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (main title) – Ennio Morricone

Moving abroad evokes adventure, excitement, discovery and enrichment… It also implies separation, distance, absence and apprehension! Announcing my departure made me feel the entire range of these feelings, one after the other… (weeooooweeeeooooweeee…wew wew wewwww).

In the sentence “I’m moving abroad” everyone understands something different and stating it forces you to face diverse reactions. Actually, three types of reaction matching three iconic western spaghetti characters:

  • The Good: The Good just loved it! The Good thought it’s just great you’re going on your adventure and for sure, will visit. The Good pointed out how nice it will be to discover a new place. The Good smiled when I announced it.

My reaction: a big smile! :)

  • The Bad: The Bad did not like it! The Bad thought it’s just too far away and there’s closer places you could move to. The Bad pointed out how little you’re going to see each other. The Bad had a sad face when I announced it.

My reaction: convincing The Bad it’s not going to be too bad! Calls, emails and parcels make connection easy from each side of the world. Plus, occasions to travel for everyone! But as I'm mentioning all the possibilities to keep in touch, I realize things are still going to change quite a bit… and then I realize that it’s not going to be so easy to maintain all my friendships and close relations with my family. It’ll require time, availability, regularity, and a good alarm clock considering the time difference!

  • The Ugly: The Ugly was worried about it! The Ugly thought it’s quite risky to quit your job without any potential employment already secured over there and how it’s too bad for your career in France. The Ugly pointed out how fast your savings will be spent. The Ugly looked concerned when I announced it.

My reaction: arguing that I’ve got a diploma, work experience and that I have researched job opportunities… then thinking about the only two opportunities that I have researched… Realizing my dream of living off illustration is going to be a hard road… and counting how long I could live out off my savings… and FREAKING OUT!

Sometimes I’d get all the reactions mixed creating a big brain soup of issues to address!

Only one solution to this: step back, breathe and… remember my tickets are taken anyway: I'm going and things will eventually get solved after a few weeks of adaptation.

Deciding to move so far away needs a strong will and some determination. Just take the good vibes of The Good, understand the sadness of The Bad, factor in the concerns of The Ugly… and I'm good to go!


  • Get a good phone plan to be able to video chat easily

  • Renew CV + translate + start get in touch with potential employers

  • Make a business plan for illustration

  • Write myself a letter about why I made the decision (cf: very first post!)


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