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Coronavirus and moving abroad - twist number one

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2020

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In the process of moving to the other side of the world, I had a little bit of an inkling that there would be some twists and turns. But a global pandemic, I admit, was completely unimaginable!

A few weeks ago, I posted an article describing my laborious visa application process. I ended my message with the hope of receiving a positive response soon and invited my readers to keep their fingers crossed for good luck!

That was before the curse of the Pangolin.

The health crisis that we are experiencing is making a big difference, especially for the immigration applicants like myself. Many countries are simply closing their borders.

Considering New Zealand, it’s hard to get more information than "all visa applications are suspended until further notice". And you can't get anybody on the phone because of the containment measures (back in March and April, now I’m just afraid to call!). The online application does not give me any more information.

Anyway, now if you could also cross your toes/arms/legs for good luck that would be great!

To be continued…

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